Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am procrastinating and I do not know why.

I have photos of my brother to email to his colleagues, and I just cannot bring myself to do it. It will take me five minutes tops and I have put it off for a fortnight.

I have a story about picking up my brother's cremated remains, and I cannot bring myself to write it.

I have three pairs of lovely new trousers which only need minor adjustments, but again, I cannot bring myself to do them.

About the only thing I have managed to do today is pray for folk for whom I have promised prayers, and to watch my collection of Jericho DVDs whilst attacking a mountain of ironing.

Yesterday was DD4's 8th birthday, and we had a great day out. I have all the photos uploaded on my PC and am putting off writing the blogpost. Everything just seems such an effort at the moment.

Is this just me, or is it grieving ?

I don't know......
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elizabeth said...

This can be hard. Glad you were able to get past it once you wrote about it. My love and prayers.

DebD said...

Agreeing with Elizabeth R. Cyber hugs and prayers. I'm glad you were able to take care of the photo it is behind you.

Philippa said...

Yes, I would say it is grief my dear Elizabeth.

May God give you His peace and comfort.

Many hugs.