Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prayer For A Lost TV Clicker

I saw this over on the Ship of Fools forum, and simply have to post it here !

The Shipmate who composed it uses the nom de plume of  "Adeodatus" , and I reproduce it here in all its grandeur:-

"Almighty God, forasmuch as it hath pleased thee of thy great goodness, mercy and benificence to ordain unto all things that they be subject to thy healthful servant Gravity, and as it behoveth thy people ill to request or petition that thou shouldst even for the twinkling of an eye suspend the blessed workings of the same: do thou therefore, we beseech thee, send thine aid to this, thine unworthy disciple, that by patience and diligence and with thy good grace and favour, he mighest find the tv remote that seemeth to have fallen down the back of this most comfortable sofa or settee for the third time this evening; for the love of thine only Son, etc."

So it is possible to write completely contemporary prayers in mellifluous and solemn English.........
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Steve Hayes said...

The "he mightest", however, is a grammatical error :-)