Sunday, October 25, 2009

And Even More On Kathisma Prayers !

An exceedingly  comprehensive traditional English language version of an extended Russian usage Psalter has been produced which has been carefully edited and adapted to be  in full conformity with the Septuagint texts.

This volume contains  introductory material, the "before" and "after" prayers, the Kathisma prayers at their appointed places in the Psalter, how to read the Psalter for the Reposed (the prayers are different) and much much more.  Cost of The Liturgical Psalter is $40 postage paid  .

The company's snail mail address is :-

David James
Paradise Press
PO Box 530
New Hampshire

Information gleaned from the Occidentalis mailing list over at Yahoo Groups, where David is a contributor.
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David said...

Hello, Elizabeth:

Just an update on the new Psalter:

It has been approved for use by Bishop Jerome of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and is now available in a temporary hardcover edition at this link for only $34

[a free PDF version is also available at the same link]

A proper printed edition will appear sometime in 2010.

David James