Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feeling Sad

....because I will be going to a funeral on Friday.

 I have known and loved  Auntie Brenda  since I was a small child; her youngest daughter has been one of my very dearest friends since we were in school together.

Brenda was one of the kindest, gentlest, most loving people I have ever met. I never heard her criticize or say a harsh word to or about anybody.

May her memory be eternal, and may God grant comfort to her family and friends who mourn her passing.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recently Read

 This was an utterly brilliant crime/thriller book. I don't want to spoil the plot for anyone, but it was really well written. I am now in search of earlier books by this mother/daughter writing team......

The history of a prominent British Jewish family, and an insight into growing up Jewish.
 I was particularly interested in the mention of  Hugh Montefiore, who at a young age converted to Christianity and rose to become a Bishop in the Anglican church; I have a book of his on order and am waiting for it to be delivered. Many of the extended family have published books in a wide variety of genres over the years.

Stalker is one of my favourites in this series, as we get to see how Lt Decker's daughter Cindy is coming to terms with life in the police force and begins to understand some of the pressures her father was under when she was growing up. Cindy inadvertently stumbles upon police involvement in a dodgy property deal  and finds that someone is out to frighten - and ultimately silence- her.

The second book has a great storyline but a rather terse writing style, which took me quite a long time to sink into and enjoy. I did, and am looking for others in this series now.

I ask you, how could I possibly leave this treasure to languish in a thrift shop ?  I couldn't and brought it home to devour and enjoy.

A discount chain bookshop near our town was having a clearance sale,  and I ended up bringing home two bags of books.  The Terry Pratchett Discwrld quiz book is fiendishly difficult.... and I ended up getting the small Bible for half of the lowest marked price, even if it is the New Revised Standard Version.

I was so looking forward to reading both of these; one old, one new.

I did mostly enjoy reading Dave Gorman's attempt to travel across America by car without eating or staying at a chain restaurants or motels, and without patronising any of the large chains of gas filling stations. He didn't succeed but had a jolly good attempt.
 I was just mumbling to DH that I was going to but a copy of the book after I returned this one to the library, when I read  the chapter about a Mom & Pop store where the owner had  a stand which offered an impromptu FreeCycvle service to the local community.
All well and good till the author sees, at the checkout, a sign supporting a two day boycott against Walmart which he then proceeds to mock and ridicule for several different reasons, including being glad he could tick that he had discovered "right-wing Christian bigotry" in his journey. 
Instead of castigating the woman in his book, why didn't he actually talk to her at the time and ask why she was supporting the boycott for only two days and not permanently, what her motivation was, etc, rather than just dismissing it out of hand because she didn't approve of the alleged promotion of homosexuality by Walmart  and was therefore beyond the pale of decent human standards by his viewpoint ?

The new Terry Pratchett book continues the story of Tiffany Aching, now aged 16 . It is a black and bleak book, dealing with death, domestic abuse, early teenage pregancy, attempted suicide and blighted hopes of love. The plot was  inappropriate for the intended young teenage audience, IMO, and rather lost steam towards the end. I think that Sir Terry's Alzheimer's is now really starting to affect his writing, though I sincerely hope I am wrong and that the next book will be better........
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The Last Of The Sin-Eaters

I found out something utterly fascinating  a short while ago, and thought my readers might also find it interesting.....  an interesting legacy from  mediaeval times.

This is the grave of the last known "sin-eater" in Britain.
The grave is in Ratlinghope Churchyard, near Church Stretton on the Long Mynd, Shropshire.

Richard Munslow appears to have taken on the job after the tragic deaths of three of his children  during a Whooping Cough outbreak.

Sin Eaters were paid a small amount to eat bread and drink ale across the body of someone who had died suddenly, before having chance to confess and repent, taking on their sins so the deceased person would arrive before God in a clean and pure state.

It was prevalent mainly in the Marches, the land around the England-Wales border, and in north Wales, but was rarely carried out anywhere else.  The Shropshire writer, Mary Webb, referred to sin-eating in her novels.
The custom mainly died out in the 19th Century, being heavily frowned upon by the Church and Richard Munslow was the last known sin-eater, dying himself in 1906.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Mayhem !

DD3 has a schoolfriend staying for a sleepover tonight. DD4 was hoping to invite one of her schoolfriends for tea, but her little friend was otherwise engaged for today and tomorrow. (Another friend has been invited for tea tomorrow instead, so that averted some tears.)

DD3's friend is a lovely young lady and the three of them have had heaps of fun, but they are absolutely full of energy and I am just about on my bended knees and ready for bed, and it is only 7pm !
DH was up at 4am getting ready for work, and I didn't sleep after that. Not to mention a shopping trip to town  today to pick up essential supplies, cleaning the house and then walking the dog for an hour.

I will be calling curfew  for DD4 at 8.30pm so she can calm down and have her bedtime story as normal, or she will be fit for nothing tomorrow, and she still has her friend coming to tea tomorrow.  The older ones can have till 9pm.

 I will be following her to dreamland soon afterwards :-)
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lighthouse Libraries !

I was thrilled to read this engrossing article about portable libraries for lighthouse keepers :-)

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Atheist Alert

I was rather dismayed to read a comment left on one of the "intellectual" type  broadsheet newspaper websites about the recent visit by Pope Benedict to the UK. I am copying and pasting it below.....
This is, unfortunately,  a very commonly held attitude by atheists in this country, masquerading under the respectable veneer of pseudo-scientific/humanist attitude:

"Tragically gullible people are free to believe whatever bizarre delusions they like (although I question whether people who believe in fairy stories are safe to entrust with the vote). I would rather my taxes were spent on real world things like hospitals and educating (as opposed to brain washing) children, not funding the visit of a wizard in pointy hat. It's the 21st century can we please leave this stone age backwardness as an anthropological curiosity and no more."

Once the writer has got what he wants, and British society has completely gone to Hell in a handbasket, I wonder if he will be any happier ? I think not.......
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Year's Mind

Today is the first anniversary of my brother's death.

We took Mum to visit the grave, lay flowers and light a grave-candle, which we left flickering bravely in the blustery winds. One of my brother's closest friends had also visited earlier and left flowers and a card.

Neither my brother's wife nor his adult daughters had either visited or arranged to have flowers left on his grave,which is desperately sad. No wonder he came home to Wales when he was dying, where at least he was surrounded by love every day......

Memory Eternal..............
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Friday, September 17, 2010

“The Nativity Collection” by Robert J. Morgan

                                                         Published by Thomas Nelson

I opted to receive this as an e-book, and although there are many illustrations which do translate well into gray-scale for the e-reader, I am sure that my enjoyment of them would be considerably enhanced if I had opted to see them in a hard copy of the book. That said, the 59 page text is well laid out, very clear and easy to read in the electronic format.

It is difficult to know where to start with this delightful collection of six Christmas-themed short stories. The six stories themselves are varied both in historical period and in style, and all work well. Several have nice twists in the tail which made me smile. I do not want to give to much away and spoil other people’s enjoyment of this slim volume, but each story managed to make me smile, make me sad and make me very thoughtful in turn.

My favourite of them all was probably the first one; I liked it so much that I will be incorporating it into my family’s Christmas traditions, and reading it to my children on Christmas Eve. I am sure they will love it as much as I did.

This book is definitely a keeper !


Disclosure of Material Connection:

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze book review bloggers program.

I was not required to write a positive review.

The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let All Mortal Flesh..... Revisited.

I really liked this very modern rendering of Let All Mortal Flesh....

and then I found a guitar solo which was nice :

and then I found a Spanish classical guitar version, which blew my socks off:

and then I found this utterly magnificent one to round it all off, and bring us to the whole point of the glorious hymn in the first place :-)

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Big Catch

This cracked me up.

BIG CATCH MOVIE from Moles Merlo on Vimeo.
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An Ancient Village Part Two - AKA History And Lunacy !

I love the shape of the gateways and the gates.

Typical Elizabethan buildings; chimneystacks everywhere !


This gateway leads onto the original Village Green,
right in the heart of the village.



This is part of a very old coaching inn,
and the original archway
leading into the stable area still exists.
The building is still an inn,
though an "upmarket" one these days :-)

This house is a total anachronism,
complete with neo-classical portico
 .......I could not get a better photo
due to the car parked in the driveway.

     One of the farms on the outskirts of the village.
Most are dairy farms.

                                                         Modern, but very pretty.

         And a total descent into lunacy.......
we have two lakes, and the wildfowl often cause chaos
by parading across this very busy road.
 The Council's Highways Dept put up a warning sign,
alerting drivers of ducks crossing,
and immediately some bright soul decided to adorn
the giant duck with the figure of a human
perched on its back as if riding a horse. 
It always raises a smile, and my children are very fond of the sign.
 It has been like this for several years now,
so I don't think the Council will bother removing the rider.
And no, I didn't do it :-)
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Boy

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An Ancient Village

I thought you might be interested to see some photos I took of the very small village close to where my Mother's house is. This village is known to have existed in Viking times, and has associations with St David himself :-)  Excavations have revealed artefacts dating back to Beaker times, some 3500 years ago...



and more cottages !

Goodness only knows why this was concrete-blocked up !

This is a slightly younger house in the village, still several hundred years old  :-)

An ancient stone stile gate leading to one of the cottages...

A modern extension to one of the ancient cottages, beautifully done and in keeping with the rest of the village.
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The Boy Who Changed The World

The Boy Who Changed The World
by Andy Andrews
Published by Thomas Nelson

I was initially inspired to request this book by the illustrations as much as by the author and the subject matter, and when the book arrived, I was definitely not disappointed ! My children and I absolutely loved the truly wonderful attractive pictures, which complement each page of thoughtful text.

The basic premise is very simple; each person’s actions, no matter how trivial, will have an impact on other people and their lives, in an enormous chain which Andy Andrews calls “The Butterfly Effect”. Even the actions of children are important, and this delightful book focuses on the lives and actions of four people.

Even though my children and I were unfamiliar with the lives of the people mentioned, they really enjoyed the stories, although my 8 year old did get a little confused initially with the technique of reverse sequencing in the narrative. My 12 year old thought the book was superb, and as well as relishing the story, she really enjoyed noticing and picking out the different techniques used to provide emphasis to certain points in the storyline: spacing, font type and sizing, repetition of key words and phrases etc as well as identifying key themes.

This is definitely a book we will read again and again as a family.

Disclosure of Material Connection:
I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze  book review bloggers program.
I was not required to write a positive review.
The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Joyous Day !

In honour of the Feast  of the Elevation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross,

the Akathist of the same name........

The Akathist Hymn To The Precious Cross

Kontakion 1

Thrice-blessed and all-worshipful Cross of Christ, we the faithful venerate and magnify you being joyous at your divine Exaltation. But since you are the trophy and unconquered weapon, by your grace protect, cover, and shelter those who cry to you: Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Eikos 1

Angels from Heaven invisibly circle the life-bringing Cross in fear, and seeing it now brilliantly shedding light-bestowing grace upon the faithful, amazed they stand and cry to you such words as these:

Rejoice, O Cross, guardian of the world;

Rejoice, the glory of the Church;

Rejoice, you that bountifully gush forth with healings;

Rejoice, you that enlighten the ends of the earth;

Rejoice, Wood fragrant with life, and treasury of wonders;

Rejoice, fitly-joined, thrice-blessed, and bestower of graces;

Rejoice, for you are the divine footstool;

Rejoice, for you were ordained for the worship of all;

Rejoice, bowl of nectar, full to the brim;

Rejoice, torch of the radiance above;

Rejoice, you through whom the creation is blessed;

Rejoice, you through whom the Creator is worshipped;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 2

Perceiving the longing within her Queen Helen spoke to the Emperor boldly: “The great desire of your soul corresponds to my zeal; therefore, seeking for you that most excellent trophy, the Most Holy Cross, I cry, Alleluia!”

Eikos 2

With spiritual insight, Queen Helen called out to her attendants: “From the depths of the earth, hasten with speed to discover and give me the Cross” to which, when she saw it, she spoke in fear crying out:

Rejoice, the sign of joy;

Rejoice, redemption from the ancient curse;

Rejoice, treasure in the earth by hidden envy;

Rejoice, that which appeared in the stars as a sign;

Rejoice, four-rayed-beaconing and fire-like Cross;

Rejoice, ladder set on high, foreseen once of old;

Rejoice, wonder of Angels;

Rejoice, wounding of demons;

Rejoice, welcome relic of the Word;

Rejoice, quencher of deception’s fire;

Rejoice, O Cross, protector of the helpless;

Rejoice, the stern trainer of the victors;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 3

The might of the Wood was then shown forth as a true pledge to all, and it raised to life the woman that was voiceless and dead to life – an awesome sight to them that shall reap salvation by singing: Alleluia!

Eikos 3

Holding the Cross, the invincible weapon, Queen Helen ran back to her son, and he rejoiced greatly when he looked upon the Holy Cross, and rejoicing he cried to it such words as these:

Rejoice, O Cross, vessel of light;

Rejoice, O Cross, treasury of life;

Rejoice, bestower of the gifts of the Spirit;

Rejoice, storm-free port of those at sea;

Rejoice, table that holds Christ as Sacrifice;

Rejoice, vine that bears the mystical vine;

Rejoice, for you protect the scepters of princes;

Rejoice, for you crush the heads of demons;

Rejoice, illustrious mark of the faith;

Rejoice, preservation of all the world;

Rejoice, God’s blessing upon mortals;

Rejoice, our mediation with God;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 4

Receiving divine zeal within, Queen Helen diligently sought and found the Cross hidden in the earth and upon seeing it, the whole people cried in faith: Alleluia!

Eikos 4

Like the sun, the Cross appeared in the world, and all men were filled with its light, and running as towards a star, they viewer it as the cause of good raised up by Hands divine, and hymning it they said:

Rejoice, dawn of the spiritual Sun;

Rejoice, font unfailing of myrrh;

Rejoice, recall of Adam and Eve;

Rejoice, death-blow to the princes of Hades;

Rejoice, for in being exalted you now also exalt us;

Rejoice, for in being venerated you sanctify men’s souls;

Rejoice, the world proclaimed report of the Apostles;

Rejoice, most plentiful strength of champions;

Rejoice, O Cross, reproach of the Jews;

Rejoice, praise to men of the Faith;

Rejoice, you through whom Hades was cast down;

Rejoice, you through whom grace did rise up;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 5

Having beheld the God-crowned Wood, let us come under its protection, and taking it up as a weapon, with it we put our enemies to flight, and touching the untouchable with our lips we cry to it: Alleluia!

Eikos 5

The Great Constantine beheld a light from the heaven, displaying the sign of the Cross in the stars through which he was also to conquer a multitude of adversaries, he made haste to reveal the Wood and to cry to it such words as these:

Rejoice, accomplishment of the ineffable counsel;

Rejoice, the horn of godly people;

Rejoice, you that turns back the ranks of our foes;

Rejoice, you flame that burns the demons;

Rejoice, heavenly scepter of the faithful King;

Rejoice, invincible trophy of the Christ-loving armies;

Rejoice, you that humble the arrogance of barbarians;

Rejoice, you that care tenderly for the souls of men;

Rejoice, defense against many evils;

Rejoice, awarder of many good things;

Rejoice, you on whose account the Christ-bearers run with joy;

{Rejoice, you on whose account the Jews lament; }

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 6

The Cross of the Lord became a ladder as lofty as heaven, leading up all from earth that they might always dwell together with the choirs of Angels, abandoning things present as though they were not, and singing: Alleluia!

Eikos 6

Shining as a light upon all in Hades, O Savior you enlightened them who were in darkness, and the gate-keepers of Hades, not enduring your coming, fell down as dead, but they who were delivered now behold the Cross and cry:

Rejoice, resurrection of the dead;

Rejoice, consolation of those that mourn;

Rejoice, despoiling of the treasuries of Hades;

Rejoice, enjoyment of the Paradise of delight;

Rejoice, rod that drowned the Egyptian army;

Rejoice, you who watered the Israelite people;

Rejoice, living Wood, the Thief’s salvation;

Rejoice, fragrant rose, sweet scent of the godly;

Rejoice, food of the hungry in spirit;

Rejoice, God’s seal that men have received;

Rejoice, O Cross, doorway to the divine mysteries;

Rejoice, from which divine streams pour forth;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 7

When Moses was about to deliver his much-troubled race from the Egyptians you, O Cross, were given to him as a rod, but you were made known to him also as a symbol of God wherefore, amazed at your sovereign might, O Cross, he cried: Alleluia!

Eikos 7

He who was on Sinai gave the law to Moses, Christ our God, by his own will is nailed to the Cross, lawlessly for the lawless men, and he loosed the ancient curse of the law so that beholding the might of the Cross, we might all now cry:

Rejoice, uprighting of the fallen;

Rejoice, downfall of the world’s adorers;

Rejoice, inauguration of the Resurrection of Christ;

Rejoice, divine revealing of monastics;

Rejoice, shady-leafed tree under which believers are sheltered;

Rejoice, prophet-proclaimed Wood which has been planted on earth;

Rejoice, alliance of the kingdom against the enemy;

Rejoice, mighty protection of the state;

Rejoice, manifestation of the just Judge;

Rejoice, condemnation of offending mortals;

Rejoice, O Cross, aid to orphans;

Rejoice, O Cross, enricher of the poor;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 8

Seeing the strange wonder, let us live our life as strangers, lifting our minds up to heaven, for this reason was Christ affixed to the Cross, and suffered in the flesh having willed to draw to the heights them that cry to it: Alleluia!

Eikos 8

Fully God, Christ came down from on high, retaining His divinity, the only Word from before all ages, and being born of a Virgin Mother, He appeared to the world in the flesh having willed to draw to the heights them that cry:

Rejoice, O Cross, weapon of peace;

Rejoice, starting-point and goal of travelers;

Rejoice, wisdom and firm support of the saved;

Rejoice, folly and destruction of the damned;

Rejoice, fruitful, immortal, and life-bearing plant;

Rejoice, flower that blossomed with our salvation;

Rejoice, for you join together things on earth with things above;

Rejoice, for you enlighten the hearts of all below;

Rejoice, through whom corruption is banished;

Rejoice, through whom sorrow has vanished;

Rejoice, you wealth of goods;

Rejoice, you boast of believers;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 9

The armies of demons is fallen and the race of Jews is put to shame, seeing that the Cross is worshipped by all with longing as it continuously gushes forth healing to those who cry: Alleluia!

Eikos 9

When you, O Christ, were affixed to the Wood, the floods of the false beliefs were checked for they are confounded at how You endured the Cross and avoided corruption, but we, glorifying Your Resurrection, cry out:

Rejoice, height of the wisdom of God;

Rejoice, depth of His providence;

Rejoice, ignorance of the unwise;

Rejoice, misfortune of the foolish;

Rejoice, for you manifest the Resurrection of Christ;

Rejoice, for you revive His Passion;

Rejoice, undoer of the trespass of the first-created;

Rejoice, opener of the entrance to Paradise;

Rejoice, O Cross, revered by all;

Rejoice, adversary of faithless nations;

Rejoice, O Cross, healer of the sick;

Rejoice, constant help of them that cry;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 10

With the purpose of saving the world, the lord of the word ineffably descended into it and submitted to the Cross, and being God He accepted for us the entire human nature, wherefore having also redeemed us, he hears from all: Alleluia!

Eikos 10

The Cross is the protection of the whole world, for the Creator of heaven and earth Who prepared you stretches out his hands and teaches all to proclaim:

Rejoice, foundation of godliness;

Rejoice, conquest of the promised land;

Rejoice, you who put the spiritual Amalek to flight;

Rejoice, you who were prefigured by the hands of Jacob;

Rejoice, for you transformed the ancient shadows;

Rejoice, for you fulfilled the prophetic utterances;

Rejoice you that carried the Savior of all;

Rejoice, you who destroyed the corrupter of souls;

Rejoice, through whom we are united with Angels;

Rejoice, through whom we are illumined by light;

Rejoice, for with honor we worship you;

Rejoice, for crying out we address you;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 11

Every hymn falls short in comprehending the multitude of your many wonders, for though we should offer you a multitude of praises, O precious Cross, we can do nothing worthy of what you have granted us, but we still cry: Alleluia!

Eikos 11

The life-giving Cross, bestowing the radiance that given light to those in darkness, has shown us the immaterial light, and has lightened the way for all to divine knowledge, and being lifted up it now lifts up our minds that we might chant these words:

Rejoice, luminary that shines on those in darkness;

Rejoice, star that dawns upon the world;

Rejoice, lightning that blinds the slayers of Christ;

Rejoice, thunder that terrifies the faithless;

Rejoice, for you have made radiant the choirs of the Orthodox;

Rejoice, for you have consumed the altars of idols;

Rejoice, you whose form has appeared from the heaven;

Rejoice, you whose grace drives away evil;

Rejoice, you who signifies mortification of the flesh;

Rejoice, you who slays the insurrection of the passions;

Rejoice, you upon whom Christ was crucified;

Rejoice, you by whom all the world was saved;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 12

Having willed to grant grace to men, Christ stretched his hands on the Wood, and calls all nations together and grants the Kingdom of the Heavens to all that worthily sing the hymn and faithfully cry: Alleluia!

Eikos 12

Chanting this hymn out of love we praise you as the living Wood of the lord, for in the flesh being nailed upon you, He who rules over the powers on high has sanctified, glorified, and taught us to cry these words to you:

Rejoice, O Christ, spiritual sword;

Rejoice, holy gaze of Saints;

Rejoice, prediction of the prophets and righteous;

Rejoice, brilliant stratagem of Christ;

Rejoice, beauty and crown of godly kings;

Rejoice, strength and stronghold of reverent priests;

Rejoice, most noble jewel of truth;

Rejoice, fairest haven of salvation;

Rejoice, joyful splendor of all;

Rejoice, banishment of Hagar’s sons;

Rejoice, lamp of purest light;

Rejoice, gladness of my soul;

Rejoice, O Wood most blessed.

Kontakion 13

O most laudable Wood which held the Word, the Most Holy of all holy beings, having received our entreaties deliver from every calamity and redeem from eternal torment all who cry to you: Alleluia!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Now That's What I Call Just Enough Incense !

Edited to add that yes, it really is clouds of incense filling the whole church, not a trick of the light ! There are lots of photos of the valiant thurifer in action throughout the service... and Father is renowned for his insistence on plenty of incense.
I must ask him what type of incense it was   :-)

And it is indeed a beautiful chasuble.

This was one of the photos from a Mass to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ordination to the Anglican priesthood of a friend of mine. Sadly, I was not able to attend, but I am pleased to see that judging from the increasing "cloudiness" of the photos taken as the service progressed, an entirely appropriate amount of incense was used at the service :-)

May God grant Fr Irving many, many more years !!
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Recently Read

During some very bleak days when Mum was particularly unwell, I found great solace in  revisiting the classic "William" books !

Both of these were fascinating books, and well worth dipping into......

This was a book to tug fiercely at the heart-strings. It chronicles the story of a family struggling to come to terms with a very autistic child, and the amazing transformation they were able to achieve with the help of a wonderful puppy called Henry. I wept buckets of tears for this family as they battled to get a diagnosis and appropriate help for their beloved little boy.

This was also an interesting read, but I don't think I will be reading it again, so out it goes to the charity donation heap.

This was endlessly interesting, and detailed the life and times of Nicholas Culpeper, who combined the three careers of herbalist, astrologer and author.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Benjamin Woolley did not truly understand the difference between an astrological  decumbiture chart and an astrological horary chart, which would definitely colour how one viewed Culpeper, but perhaps that is just me being churlish..... and all the social and religious upheaval  stirred up in Stuart times is lovingly chronicled, so I found lots to keep me entertained......
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Tenby, Part Five, And The End !

We sat on the beach and admired the view over to St Catherine's Island and the old fort.  Lots of families were enjoying the warmth and sunshine ! 

Looking behind me, I could see what a wonderful view over the beach these houses must have  every single day.

Especially as part of the view included this:

                                Caldey Island, home of so many Saints throughout the last two millenia.

 It is several years since we last visited, and it is not a word of a lie to say that my heart yearned and actually ached to catch one of the little boats which travel to the island every twenty minutes or so. Unfortunately, we had neither the time nor the money to do so on this visit, but a significant part of my heart is devoted to this holy place, and I have every intention of making the pilgrimage to Caldey next year . And I have given DH due warning of the same :-)

This young gull was a joy. Although very nervous, and squeaking anxiously for his parents, he let me approach just close enough to snatch a photo of him, then I quickly retreated and left him to enjoy the sunshine in peace. He did later actually sit completely down on the warm  wall and gaze at the view, just as we were doing!

On the long way back to the car,  we passed this rather splendid house....


at which Admiral Nelson, Sir William and Lady Emma Hamilton stayed during their visit to Tenby in 1802.
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The Eagle Has Landed

...Mum arrived home late on Friday afternoon, and despite an initial SNAFUS by the hospital about her discharge medication, which took the GP and I several frantic hours to sort out, with the kind assistance of the wonderful local pharmacist, all is well.

She is eating much better and is managing to walk a little around the house. She is a little tearful, as later this week will be the first year's anniversary of my dear brother's death, but otherwise she is doing really well.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Tenby Part Four

This sweet shop was amazing. They very kindly allowed me to photograph  their chocolates.....and they have a website:  !

I just love the houses. Sorry !

A better view of the ruined castle and Prince Albert monument.

                                                         The pretty harbour chapel.

Another view of the 13th century town walls, this time looking up from the beach.
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Tenby Part Three

The ancient parish church.

The 15th century Tudor Merchant's House, now cared for by The National Trust and open to the public.

A view of the sea-front

And another...

And yet another !

Tenby harbour, with the monument and remains of the castle visible on the green promontory in the distance. As with all the photos, if you click, they will enlarge......
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