Saturday, October 31, 2009

7, Part Two

DH has spent nearly all day doing extremely clever computery things.
 We do now have sound.

The OS still does not believe that we have either a CD or DVD drive, so we cannot use those.

New graphics drivers needed to be sourced in order to solve the wretched text display problems, but at least we can read things now, which was not the case this morning.

We are no longer so unhappy with Windoze 7, but it still needs a humungous amount of work to get the computer fully functional again.

Quite whether 7 is worth all the aggro and hassle, I am reserving judgement for the time being.......
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1 comment:

Moo! said...

ooohhh...I took Vista off my machine and put XP on it last year. I think I'll just stick with what's working.