Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallows E'en

The lampada has been lit all day.
Morning Prayers were accompanied by a Kathisma of Psalms and the accompanying Kathismata prayers, for my reposed loved ones and friends, and for all my living friends who have specific needs.

May God grant us all the things needful for our salvation !

My DD1 and her fiance came to visit us today. They have set a date for their wedding, November 28 th THIS YEAR ! So it is all systems go  complete mayhem  a frantic rush to get everything ready , LOL.

But how lovely to have something nice and positive to look forward to !

DD3 is still at Scout Camp, so the house has continued to seem very quiet, despite positively  heroic attempts by DD4 to fill the void.

We did play bobbing apples, and DD3 dressed up. Two sets of Halloween trick or treaters knocked on our door, wearing great costumes , and were very sweet and polite. We laid in a goodly store of sweets for the occasion, but it is now 8.25pm and we may not get any more visitors.

We didn't have the heart to do the pumpkin with DD3 away, so we will save that for tomorrow when she gets back :-)
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elizabeth said...

Wow. Exciting. Many years to your daughter...

I need to go light my lampada...

DebD said...

Congratulations! That is a lot of planning to do in a short time. Hope it all goes well. What an exciting time for your family.