Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Fed Up Part 3" - Or - "Trying Hard To Be Positive !"

Mother in law phoned today and she is still no better, so she needs to see the doctor on Monday morning, as he instructed. She "sat" on this illness for two whole weeks without saying a word to *anyone*, even though we saw her for several hours on one day last week and this week, which has certainly not helped the situation at all.

My mother had a slightly more comfortable night, and our lovely doctor popped round to see her this morning (he is still off-duty and doing all this without pay, but he is a "proper" doctor who does care about his patients !) and gave her another injection of Demerol and increased her oral painkillers. She is able to drink fluids but cannot eat. So quite what will happen next, I have no idea.

She cannot stay home like this indefinitely and at some point will need to go into hospital for investigation/long-term pain control strategies.

The wood did arrive last night, albeit later than we expected, and we managed to get it all stacked in the garage in one and a quarter hours, which was jolly good going, considering it was dark outside :-)

I am trying hard to be positive but things seem to be unravelling around me at the moment......
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Michelle M. said...

Sorry this is so frustrating for you- it must feel like if it isn't one thing, it is another.

Glad to hear at least the wood was taken care of.

Meg said...

No, you really are getting hit from all sides -- but at least you didn't have to worry about choosing between the hospital and the woodpile. Be grateful for small favors. ;-)

Prayers continue for you and your mother. Hugs!

DebD said...

you have a lot of stressors right now. prayers for you.

Laura said...

Lord have mercy. I'll keep sending prayers your way...keep the wee chin up!

elizabeth said...

this is a LOT to deal with. and a new part time job. my poor dear Elizabeth, you are prayed for. God is still holding you even if feels like everything is unraveling. My love and prayers.