Thursday, February 14, 2013

Heart In Hand

Heart In Hand

by Barbara Cameron

Book 3 of the "Stitches in Time" series

Published by Abingdon Press, February  2013

This title tells the continuing story of three Amish sisters and their romances; much of this story revolves around Anna, who was tragically widowed at a young age and has no children.

Although she is gifted at handicrafts and enjoys working with her sisters in their craft shop, "Stitches in Time", she begins to think that her life is effectively over and that she will never find love again.

Life changes dramatically when she ends up helping a widower and his young daughter to learn to knit in fulfillment of his promise to his late wife that their daughter would be taught all the things an Amish girl needs to know. Gideon is open, honest and transparent; his daughter Sarah Rose is anything but!

Anna's own experiences with grief and bereavement  encourage her to try to understand what motivates Sarah Rose's sometimes manipulative behaviour and to help her come to terms with the loss of her beloved mother.

This is a tender and gentle tale, thoughtful, insightful and underpinned with trust and faith in God.
A pleasure to read!
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