Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Month Of Cookbooks - Day Fourteen

Short Cut Rhodes
Lots of fast and easy recipes
By BBC Books 1997

This is a slim volume, but well-liked in our family.

 The spiky-haired Gary Rhodes is a remarkable, self-effacing chef of immense talent who has not forgotten what it is to be keen to serve simple yet tasty food.  This book may only be 128 pages long, but the recipes are fun, quick to make and  utilising easily available store cupboard and fresh ingredients, with a few ready prepared ingredients added in some recipes.

Tuna and almond cream toasts, chicken liver pate, curried scrambled eggs, parmesan risotto, smoked haddock with a parsley crust, toffee cream pots and jaffa cake pudding are among the delights of this book, not to mention the dead-simple microwaved "steamed" pudding :-)
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