Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Month Of Cookbooks - Day Sixteen

Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes

Recipes by Josie Fison &  Felicity Dahl

Published by Jonathan Cape,
London, 1994
(Reissued subsequently)

I have a 1994 hardback copy of this book, which is going strong and has been much loved by all four of my children. The colour  illustrations by Quentin Blake are charming and totally in keeping with his illustrations for Dahl's story books.

All of the recipes are directly inspired by the famous stories, from "Strawberry Flavoured Chocolate Coated Fudge" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, "Hansel and Gretel Spare Ribs" from Rhyme Stew, "Boggis's Chicken" from Fantastic Mr Fox to "Crispy Wasp Stings on Buttered Toast" from James and the Giant Peach.

There are 31 recipes in all, from drinks to starters, snacks to main meals and desserts to confectionery, and also a companion volume, Even More Revolting Recipes.  Entertaining, charming, very good at inspiring children to make things they have previously only imagined from reading the books and an excellent way to combat the "Mum, I'm bored!" scenario :-)
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Michelle M. said...

What a fun cookbook!