Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Month Of Cookbooks - Day Seven

 Slow Cooking: Easy Slow Cooker Recipes 

By Katie Bishop

Published by Collins, 2008

Many years ago, I had a slow-cooker and a large hardback  book of recipes.  The problem was that many of the recipes seemed to taste the same, with similar ingredients being used in each dish. My poor old slow-cooker soon fell out of favour, and both it and the original cookbook were passed on to someone else who wanted it.

It took nearly a decade before I felt interested enough to give slow-cooking another try, and this time I found there was a huge  variety of books crammed with exciting and innovative recipes.

This is the book I use most often, and a quick flip through the recipe index produces:
  • Cherry & almond oatmeal
  • Savoury baked ricotta
  • Oat & blackberry loaf
  • Overnight bacon & eggs
  • Creamy beetroot soup
  • Caramelized sweet and sour shallots with noodles
  • Cauliflower & parsnip royal korma
  • Hot smoked salmon & potato bake
  • Mexican chicken mole with chocolate
  • Baileys bread and butter pudding
  • Cardamon creme brulee
  • Hot winter Pimms
All of these are a far cry from the dated recipes I soon tired of. Beef with beer and dumplings was cooked and enjoyed this week!

Slow-cooking is now international, with books specifically aimed at Indian recipes, Mexican recipes, Jewish recipes, Weight watchers, Soups, Paleo diet, Vegetarian, Vegan and French being just some of the titles I found at Amazon.

Katie Bishop has also written a second book, which I hope to get in due course :-)
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Anonymous said...

I need a new crockpot!

GretchenJoanna said...

I rarely use my crockpot and I rarely buy a cookbook anymore, but you have convinced me to do both with this review and the names of these recipes!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I have two - a huge oval one, big enough for roasts and large quantity cooking for the freezer, and a smaller round one which is fine for producing four servings.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

There really are some superb cookbooks for crockpots now; I have two more to review soon, so I will try to get them posted in the beginning of March.