Saturday, February 02, 2013

A Month Of Cookbooks - Day Two

The Taste Of  Cyprus
By Gilli Davies

Interworld Publications, England, 1990

As you can see by the publication date, this an "oldie" amongst my cookery books. Gilli Davies is a quite well-known Welsh TV cook form the 1990s, who spent a lot of time in Cyprus when her husband was stationed there with the British Army.

Her love of cooking inspired her to seek out traditional Cypriot recipes, and she divides the book into four seasons, giving each season recipes from foods traditionally associated or most generally available.  There are quite a few recipes obviously church-related in this arrangement, particularly in Spring for Lent and Pascha.  The Holy Week Lentil soup is particularly tasty and was an especial favourite of Daughter no 2. This is the book from which I *always* cook our family Vasilopitta, and is one of the cookbooks I would not willingly part with.

This is one of the few author-signed cookbooks which  I have had, and it was a pleasure to meet her in person at a book-signing in the Big City; it was totally by chance that I turned on the radio to a local station that morning and heard about the event. I bundled up  a very young Mrs DoomHamster and DD2 and off we went by train to go and get  a copy. A happy memory !

She gives lots of incidental information about food, history, culture and customs as well as the recipes, and I have cooked lots of the dishes over the years.  I have never mustered the courage to cook the Lenten Elioti - Olive  Bread, as I am not actually a fan of olives though I adore olive oil. I've not cooked the octopus recipes either as I really cannot bear the thought of shellfish/seafood.

  Please do let  me know if you would like me to write out any particular recipes and I will be happy to do so; she gives  information about making pastries, bread, fruit liqueurs, wedding foods as well as lots of fasting recipes and celebratory dishes :-)

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Mat SIE said...

I would love to see the Lentil Soup recipe. Mine always is rather bland.