Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Month Of Cookbooks - Day Nineteen

How To Feed Your Family For £4 A Day

By Bernadine Lawrence

Published by Thorsons , 1989

This was one of the first cookbooks I bought rather than was given, and was bought at a time when we were having to live very frugally indeed.

It does presuppose that the cook using it would be on benefits (we were not, but we were broke!) and therefore have plenty of time to prepare and cook all foodstuffs from scratch, including bread and yoghurt. The recipes are wholemeal wherever possible, nutritionally balanced and use items which are easy to make.

Filled jacket potatoes, filled omelettes, salads, quiches, cornmeal breakfast cereals,  homemade popcorn,  soups, blackeye beanburgers, pasties, flans, spicy mackerel, liver and bacon, wholemeal scones and lots more are in the book.

The book has recently been re-issued as  "How to Feed Your Family for £5 a Day" by Harper Collins, with fifty additional recipes, so I may well  indulge in a new copy :-)
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