Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Month Of Cookbooks - Day Three

Cakes and Slices Cook Book (part of "The Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)

ACP Publishing Pty Ltd

Australia Jan 1990

The awesomeness of this faithful old  book of mine defies belief :-)

The recipes are reliable, almost fool-proof and amazingly tasty, catering for all tastes, budgets and occasions.

A large variety of chocolate cake recipes constitutes one section, including chocolate zucchini loaf, apricot chocolate chip cake and chocolate peppermint cream cake. Another chapter gives recipes for food processor cakes, which work brilliantly, and yet another for moist syrup drenched cakes.

There are separate sections for quick-mix cakes, vegetable cakes, whole sections devoted to carrot cakes, banana cakes, ginger cakes, fruit cakes, and many more, not to mention the chapters devoted to bars and slices, ideal for pot-luck and church functions. There are also cakes designed for the health-conscious, which are tasty, full of fibre and tend to avoid wheat flour.

Over the years, my daughters and I have made many of the recipes and every single one has turned out really well. It was an inexpensive book when first purchased and is still available cheaply second-hand from  

If you like baking and ever see a copy of this book, buy it -you are very unlikely to be disappointed .
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margaret said...

I'm looking for a recipe called Mrs Wood's Copha Cake or, really, any copha cake.

And what's this about zucchini and apricots anyway? Beetroot cake - that's what we need. Was it cookery books by zucchini eating Australians in nineteenth century Russia?

The Abbess, Baker, and Cat-keeper said...

Loving the journey through the cookbooks!