Monday, February 25, 2013


....for the lack of family news recently.
A lot has been happening here, but we are still waiting on the details to be finally sorted.  God willing,  DD1, our intrepid Mrs DoomHamster, is entering the final stages of her Visa application process, so prayers coveted that all proceeds smoothly and quickly from now on. I may be going to London with Mrs DH in the near future, so I will be sure to take my camera with me.

My dear friend K. has elderly family members in failing health and is very anxious about them, particularly as she lives several hours drive away from them. Luckily I kept a great deal of things of Mum's from when she was ill, and I have been able to pass these items to K to help her family. Sometimes it is a blessing to be a hoarder...

We've been having a massive clear-out at home over the half-term break and the children's rooms are looking unnaturally tidy. I'm sure it will not last long, but I am enjoying it while it does :-)

The recent cold snap nearly caused a catastrophe here; Missy Margot (Helen's hamster) was badly affected by a calamitous drop in room temperature one day last week; we found her stretched out in her cage - stiff, icy cold and apparently moribund. Helen was convinced Margot was dead, but I knew I had read somewhere that hamsters can go into very deep hibernation if the temperature changes too rapidly. We rustled up a hot water bottle with a fleecy cover, and I carried Missy Margot everywhere with me for an hour or so, after which she was climbing all over me and demanding to be fed :-) She was tucked up that night with a hot water bottle under the sleeping area of her cage and the cage itself padded round with warm towels.  DD4's hamster -kept in a differently facing upstairs room - was absolutely fine throughout.

The following day we went to the pet shop, took their advice and bought some super-warm  fleecy bedding material for both hamsters and they snuggled into it with every appearance of enjoyment and have suffered no adverse effects from the continuing cold weather, though I have been sorely tempted to go into hibernation myself.

I will post the Dr Who Experience photos as soon as I have finished sorting out the duplicates. DH wrangled the camera from me so he could take some photos himself, as did the children, so we have multiple copies of some shots and some without flash which need to be "lightened" with editing software to show the details. I was hoping to do this on the weekend, but a few unexpected things cropped up which needed immediate attention.

Our quiet and relaxing half-term holiday did not materialize, but we had fun on the whole and the girls have gone back to school with plenty to talk about!

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Michelle M. said...

Thanks for the update! I look forward to seeing the photos :)

elizabeth said...

Loved your update! Some things take a lot of time.... Hugs and love as they can also be very least in the middle of them....

DebD said...

Doctor Who Experience??!! Can't wait to hear about that one. It will be bittersweet when Mrs. DH gets her papers in order and is ready to go.

I love clearing out and decluttering, but you're right; it doesn't last long.