Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Mayhem !

DD3 has a schoolfriend staying for a sleepover tonight. DD4 was hoping to invite one of her schoolfriends for tea, but her little friend was otherwise engaged for today and tomorrow. (Another friend has been invited for tea tomorrow instead, so that averted some tears.)

DD3's friend is a lovely young lady and the three of them have had heaps of fun, but they are absolutely full of energy and I am just about on my bended knees and ready for bed, and it is only 7pm !
DH was up at 4am getting ready for work, and I didn't sleep after that. Not to mention a shopping trip to town  today to pick up essential supplies, cleaning the house and then walking the dog for an hour.

I will be calling curfew  for DD4 at 8.30pm so she can calm down and have her bedtime story as normal, or she will be fit for nothing tomorrow, and she still has her friend coming to tea tomorrow.  The older ones can have till 9pm.

 I will be following her to dreamland soon afterwards :-)
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1 comment:

Meg said...

"Soon afterwards"?? I'd have *preceded* them into dreamland!! I take my hat off to you!