Monday, September 06, 2010

Yes, I Know

...that it has been ages since I updated.

Mum has now been declared infection-free and is out of her isolation room and back on the main ward with five other ladies, which is much more in keeping with Mum's gregarious nature ! She is mobilising well with her walker and her kidney function is good, but she has completely lost her appetite and consequently a lot of weight. Trying to coax her to eat is proving a fruitless task at present, and until she eats more, she can't come, my valiant prayer warrior friends, please keep up the prayers !

I had the sad necessity of attending the funeral of the father of a schoolfriend of mine on Friday. Although I arrived twenty minutes before the service was due to start, the church was so full that I, along with a hundred other people, ended up standing in the churchyard, listening to the service being relayed by loudspeaker.

It was a sincere, thoughtful and beautiful funeral, and  I found it peculiarly endearing to be standing surrounding by graves old and new, including those of people whom I knew, watching a large white butterfly valiantly making its way to a target flower despite the buffetings of the strong breeze on that gloriously sunny day. It seemed like the perfect snapshot image of a Christian making his way through life , and one which the newly departed John would have liked, may his memory be eternal.......

I have oodles of photos and a few more posts to put up, but I have a piece of work which must be completed first, so I hope to post again on Weds :-)
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margaret said...

Mazl tov to Mum!

I have always noticed an improvement in older ladies when they are no longer alone. Perhaps the generations to come will react the same way to restoration of their iPhones but your mother is of the generation that prefers people. I hope very much she goes from strength to strength.

elizabeth said...

Memory Eternal.


Glad your Mom is doing better. prayers and love to you!

Michael said...

Splendid news on your mum's improvement! Perhaps being out of isolation and in more regular contact with other people will help restore her appetite.

And how lovely that so many people were touched by the life of your friend's father that they were moved to come out for his funeral. I was recently asked to sing the kontakion of the dead at the funeral of a gentleman who was Orthodox but who had no church connection for some years. His children had no church connections so they just arranged for it to be done at the local Anglican church. I was moved by the story of his extraordinary life and thought of all of the people whose lives he touched. Yet, only his adult son and daughter were present. It was very sad.

Michelle M. said...

I'm glad that your mom is doing better!

Memory eternal!