Monday, September 13, 2010

Now That's What I Call Just Enough Incense !

Edited to add that yes, it really is clouds of incense filling the whole church, not a trick of the light ! There are lots of photos of the valiant thurifer in action throughout the service... and Father is renowned for his insistence on plenty of incense.
I must ask him what type of incense it was   :-)

And it is indeed a beautiful chasuble.

This was one of the photos from a Mass to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ordination to the Anglican priesthood of a friend of mine. Sadly, I was not able to attend, but I am pleased to see that judging from the increasing "cloudiness" of the photos taken as the service progressed, an entirely appropriate amount of incense was used at the service :-)

May God grant Fr Irving many, many more years !!
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Andrew McQuillen said...

The altar servers at my parish could take a page out of those lad's book! And I think you are right about the incense. Sometimes its so thick you can hardly see or breath, while other times you wonder if there is even anything burning in the censer. Here it is enough to see it, but not to choke. If only we had smell-o-vision.

Mimi said...

Very nice!
Many Years to Father Irving!

margaret said...

Chasuble looks rather nice too.

Ann Nichols said...

Is it really incense? Did the people see that much too or is it a trick of the camera lens (or something else perhaps?!)It sure is a lot of incense! Congratulations on your friends 25th year!