Monday, September 13, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

...Mum arrived home late on Friday afternoon, and despite an initial SNAFUS by the hospital about her discharge medication, which took the GP and I several frantic hours to sort out, with the kind assistance of the wonderful local pharmacist, all is well.

She is eating much better and is managing to walk a little around the house. She is a little tearful, as later this week will be the first year's anniversary of my dear brother's death, but otherwise she is doing really well.
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elizabeth said...

glad your Mom is doing well enough to be home...

Memory Eternal for your beloved brother.

my love to you.


loved the part 5 post and the Island where Saints have been; loved seeing A. Nelson's house; Elizabeth Goudge has him in one of her books...


wishing a peaceful week to you with God's comfort.

Michelle M. said...

Happy to hear that your mom is doing well so far.

May your brother's memory be eternal. I hope you will all rely on God's strength to get through this rough time.

margaret said...

I am glad to hear it.

Now perhaps you'll have time to post some Chalet School fan fiction? ;) :p