Sunday, September 19, 2010

Atheist Alert

I was rather dismayed to read a comment left on one of the "intellectual" type  broadsheet newspaper websites about the recent visit by Pope Benedict to the UK. I am copying and pasting it below.....
This is, unfortunately,  a very commonly held attitude by atheists in this country, masquerading under the respectable veneer of pseudo-scientific/humanist attitude:

"Tragically gullible people are free to believe whatever bizarre delusions they like (although I question whether people who believe in fairy stories are safe to entrust with the vote). I would rather my taxes were spent on real world things like hospitals and educating (as opposed to brain washing) children, not funding the visit of a wizard in pointy hat. It's the 21st century can we please leave this stone age backwardness as an anthropological curiosity and no more."

Once the writer has got what he wants, and British society has completely gone to Hell in a handbasket, I wonder if he will be any happier ? I think not.......
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1 comment:

Meg said...

OK, soooo... Does the writer think that the gullible people are tragic ("Tragically gullible people..."), or does he think that gullibility is a tragedy ("Tragically, gullible people...")? Me, I think it's a tragedy when a commentator can't comment grammatically in his own mother tongue.

I too am in favor of educating children, not brainwashing them, but I continue to pay my taxes so that they are brainwashed anyway, in school. (My own daughter described her schooling as "eleven years of brainwashing, followed by one year of education.") Seems to me that what's lacking in this commentary is a dose of common sense.