Sunday, August 02, 2009

Doh !

I just realised that there are lots of things I fogot to blog about last week :-)

Monday morning, DH called me in a slight panic.
From the upstairs study window, he saw an elderly lady had fallen and hurt herself on the opposite side of the road. A lady cyclist had stopped to render aid, and by the time I got out, an ambulance had already been summoned.

A kind motorist also stopped and had helped her to sit up, and covered her with his jacket. I took tissues and wet wipes so we could clean up some of the blood and see how badly she had cut her head. She was lucid, though badly shaken, and her elderly husband was very shaken too.

She had a nasty cut to her head, which had bled a lot initially but quickly stopped, and some nasty grazes to her cheek and chin. I was glad an ambulance was on its way as her eye was starting to swell shut and I was worried that she may have fractured her cheek bone/eye orbit, which is horrifyingly easily done in an elderly person who falls.

We stayed with her till she was safely aboard the ambulance, and her husband had notified other family members of what had happened and he went in the ambulance with her.

I do so hope she is okay, as I worried about her a great deal. I am glad I was able to render a little assistance.
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Michelle M. said...

That must have been so scary for the couple. I hope she is recovering well.