Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tuesday's Doh !

DD2 and her lovely boyfriend came down to spend the day.
As she is now working away across the border in England, it was such a treat to have her come home to see us :-)

After a while, I thought I could hear a drip drip drip. Further investigation revealed a quite steady small flow of water through the ceiling of the dining room, about three feet away from the icon corner. We checked all the upstairs taps, all off. No sign of water leaking from the pipes in the batthroom or the toilet. No one had used the shower that morning, so it was a complete mystery where the water came from.

I phoned the mother of DD3's school friend, whose husband is our plumber, and was advised to turn off the water at the mains and drain the cold water, so I did, after filling the kettle to the brim so that I would not be tea-less for hours :-)
It didn't make much difference, so towels were laid down to absorb the water and our plumber friend arrived quickly. Floorboards were lifted, pipes were checked. It was all very thorough.

Guess what the problem was ?

A small gap in the seal around the top of the bath, which was allowing water to seep down behind the tiles when the shower was used. The water then tracked down to the floor joist,which had absorbed so much water it was like a sponge, then when saturated, was itself dripping and that water was tracking down through the ceiling into the dining room.

Luckily the ceiling there is wood-panelled, so it hides a multitude of sins :-)

Floorboards were left up for a few days to allow the wood to dry up, then all is fine again.
But as we had our friendly plumber there, DH phoned and asked him to have a look at our toilet flush, which has been very temperamental for several weeks, and for him to replace it. This has now beeen done, and we now have a very whizzy push-button flush, which is simple, extremely quick and effective, and environmentally friendly as it uses much less water.

So what could have been a domestic fittings disaster ended up a rather good day, and of course I had the delight of my precious daughter's company :-)
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elizabeth said...

wonderful that you were able to get this fixed!