Monday, August 24, 2009

Definitely Autumn

The season has changed, no doubt about it.

My honeysuckle climber is shedding its leaves at a rate of knots, turning the courtyard into something approximating an ice-skating rink for slipperiness, but as it is raining I cannot go out and sweep it clean.

It is getting cold in the night and early mornings, and the nights are drawing in rapidly. We need to order in our firewood for the winter very soon. I am sitting here wearing a jumper over my T- shirt, and my light cotton trousers have been abandoned in favour of nice warm track suit leggings :-) But if the sun breaks out later, it will really warm again.

The year is turning.
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elizabeth said...

Yes... I feel this as well... it is getting darker much earlier now; it is hard to believe another summer is gone... thing at a time!

Meg said...

I am so envious. We've had temperatures in the thirties Celsius, and our low for the past two days has been 21C/70F. You read that right. UGH.