Sunday, August 02, 2009

Quality Of Life

I was delighted to hear, when I phoned my mum last night, that my brother had had a really good day after he had not been so well on Friday when we saw him.

Yesterday, he had permission from his doctors to leave the ward for one hour, by wheelchair, to visit the coffee shop and small shopping complex downstairs in the hospital foyer. So he was taken down by my Mum and her friend, and they had a lovely hour, browsing the shops and my brother had *two* cups of cappuccino, which he throughly enjoyed.

As his feeding tube fell out on Wednesday, he is no longer having the high calorie tube feeds, and as a result he has been feeling hungry, and to enjoy eating normal food again, although in fairly small quantities.
He has been eating sausages, pate, toast, puddings, ice cream, soup and fish. This has got to be far more fun than having the special tube feed, which smells vile, going straight into his duodenum and makes him feel really sick. It was undoubtedly effective, but not nice..........

Mum said he was a constant beam of joy for the whole hour, though he was really tired by the end and glad to get back into bed.
We hope he will be allowed out for an hour each day, so he can see something other than the same four walls of the ward each day, and feel that he has some control over his life.
He really loved being able to go the shop and browse the selection of sweets and be able to choose what candy *he* wanted to buy, for the first time in twenty long weeks :-)

And this morning, my brother phoned me at 8am and asked where DH had put my brother's memory card for the laptop when DH fixed it for him. We were able to tell him, and he was delighted - he had woken up this morning feeling well enough to use his laptop, and needed something that was on the card.

I am just amazed that he was well enough to be able to use his mobile phone to phone me, as he hasn't been able to do that for twenty weeks, is good to hear him sound so happy.
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DebD said...

so glad he is feel good enough to move about.

elizabeth said...

Glad to hear of these good moments.

Ian Climacus said...

Thanks be to God. And thank you for sharing.

Continued prayers.

Michelle M. said...

That is wonderful. I hope his days continue to go this well. Continuing to pray.