Saturday, August 01, 2009

Blessed Dormition Fast

To those of us on the New calendar, a blessed Dormition Fast.

Tonight I chanted the whole Small Supplicatory Canon to the Mother of God, and received great comfort by doing so. I will endeavour to recite at least one Ode a day during the Fast.
(We are not having services in Church at the moment due to Father's bereavement and his committment to minister as Chaplain at a Church camp.)

Thank you, dear Meg, for reminding me to speak to our Holy Theotokos ......funny how even the most sensible and obvious actions can be completely forgotten when one is under stress !

I was able to take the mad dog out for a half hour walk today, and was even able to break into a gentle jog for about 50 yards before my tummy start to protest a little, whereupon I immediately went back to walking. I have actually lost half a stone since my surgery, but am now totally unfit..... but all things in due course.

No point in trying to rush and end up with more problems......
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DebD said...

take care of yourself.