Friday, August 07, 2009

Just Finished, Part 1

A friend sent me Startling Beauty. Not the sort of book I would have chosen to read, but she recommended it and it was a sobering read, dealing with one married woman's survival of a rape in her own home and how she and her husband faced dealing with their emotions in the subsequent pregnancy with her attacker's child. They chose to keep the baby and remain a family, a decision which initially caused much heartache and took immense courage. Both she and her husband are united in saying that the decision was the right one for them and the baby has brought them much joy.

I do love The Year Of Living Biblically. I know it is lightweight and written in a humourous fashion, but there is so much information and food for thought that it is really enjoyable.
'nuff said.

Peter Mayle's A Year In Provence is a classic. When I found this edition en francais in a thrift shop, I just had to buy it to see how much my A level French had atrophied.

My ability to speak French has undoubtedly vanished without trace, but I can still read and translate with a reasonable amount of facility, which is nice to know :-)
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elizabeth said...

you are always reading such intresting books!

I wish I had your French language knowledge! :)

Mimi said...

I'm so jealous, in French! You Rock!

I'd like to read "The Year of Living Biblically"