Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Surrounded By Noise

I am, quite literally, surrounded by noise. Not *in* the house, where the loudest noise is currently the dog snoring, but outside.

Our detached neighbours on the right are having work done on their house, necessitating lots of banging and hammering from 08.30am every day.

Our attached neighbours on the left, who are tenants, currently have no way to get out of their house to the pavement as the landlord has had the front garden dug up in order to put a double parking drive instead of the front garden. So there is a digger parked in their garden, which currently looks like a bombsite.........And of course, we currently have torrential rain so all the holes and ditches next door are full of muddy water......

The gentleman tenant came round to see me last night and very politely asked if it would be possible for them to jump out of their front doorstep onto our garden path (the intervening wooden fence has had to be temporarily removed so that the digger can do its work) so they would not have to traverse acres of muddy ditches to access their car parked on the road nearby. That is most certainly not a problem and they are welcome to use our path as needed till they have a decent walkway back through their own garden, poor souls !

And the house directly at the back of our rear garden is having a loft (attic) conversion and extension done, so there are generally at least two workmen there all day every day, swarming up scaffolds and hammering and banging.

I shall be glad when the current mania for DIY and Home Improvements dies down in my immediate vicinity, LOL.
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1 comment:

elizabeth said...

there's always something, hey? There is often noises around me as well, though I live in an apartment building...

Hope the rain ceases soon.

You are in my prayers. :)