Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sunshine And Shopping

Edited to address dear elizabeth's questions :-)

Children here move to Comprehensive School at age 11. Is that the same as your Middle School ? I imagine so.

Jasper Fforde is an author about whom I can wax lyrical indeed ! His first book, "The Eyre Affair" is summarised well here. Set in an alternative and quite hilarious Britain, where people still travel in airships as public transport and croquet is an obsessive national just gets funnier and funnier.


Our local Superstore (well, about 7 miles away) runs a free bus three days a week so folk who don't have access to cars can shop there.

Today, the young ones and I took advantage of it. DD3 needs an extensive selection of stationery etc for when she starts Comprehensive school in September, and this particular store has a good promotion on these items. And I wanted chocolate :-)

The journey took 45 minutes, as it travels a circuitous route, taking in not only our town but four other little communities as well. This gave us one and a half hours to shop, and get back to the bus stop.

I deliberately only chose a small shopping trolley, knowing full well that a big trolley would be full to the brim by the time we finished, and we still would have to carry the shopping home from the bus stop :-)

We managed to get DD3's supplies, for the princely sun of £3.94. Not to mention the young ones at last have new headphones for their MP3 players, so they are blissful about that.

I am particularly blissful at finding a new Jasper Fforde paperback about Thursday Next which I haven't yet read, namely "First Among Sequels" for £3. I was also able to indulge my desperate need for Hummus and Matzo crackers, as well as a few more groceries.

You will be glad to know that I was very restrained and only bought one bar of economy chocolate for 27p.......though I was sorely tempted to buy more !
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elizabeth said...

Nice! What a smart store to offer a bus. What is comprehensive school?

Good prices! I know to double them to understand what they are in Canadian funds! :) Sounds like you did very well indeed!

I have not read Jasper Fforde - what does he write?

I had chocolate-mint chip cookies last night and was very thrilled about it! :)

Mimi said...

Whohooooooooooo! Any day with a new Thursday Next book is a good day indeed! Enjoy.

Dave said...

A comprehensive school is a type of secondary school in the UK. It is the age equivalent of middle school and the first two years of high school in this US - ages 11-16. Some comprehensives also provide non-compulsory teriary education for ages 16-18.

Ian Climacus said...

Love Jasper Fforde -- great books. Enjoy reading!

elizabeth said...

Cool! Thanks!

In the States where I grew up we had middle school (grade 6-8 now) and high school (grade 9-12).

When I was in middle school

(which was a brandnew word when I was in school, it had just changed from being called 'Junior High' which still sounds cooler to my ears than 'middle school' which sounds grey or worse a bad coloured beige and drab)

we still had grade 9 attached to it - which was quite rare but was really NICE. so I only had three years of actual high school (10-12) and those years were not as fun for me... oh well! :)

elizabeth said...

Oh, and I am so going to have to read Jasper Fforde. My public library has him - where have I been - is the question! :)