Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Christmas at Walsingham

From Our Lady`s Mirror, 1950.

Some of the Orthodox follow the Julian or old calendar, others the Gregorian in common with the west. The Serbians keep the old style, so that we have had two Christmases in Walsingham. On Saturday, January 7th, the Orthodox feast of the Nativity, Bishop Irenei, of Dalmatia, sang the Liturgy in their chapel at the Shrine, assisted by Dr. Najdanovic, Bro. George and others. After the Liturgy there was a Christmas dinner and party.

The next issue contains a photograph of Bishop Irenei and Fr Najdanovic. The Bishop and Archimandrite Nicholas Gibbes attended the whitsun pilgrimage. (Fr Nicholas was a frequent visitor to the Shrine over a long period of years.)

This issue also has a photograph of Archimandrite Nicholas.

The 1951 issue bears sad news :-
A Requiem was sung in the Pilgrimage Church for our dear friend, Archbishop Savva of Grodno. His death leaves another gap in our lives as he was a devoted client of Our Lady of Walsingham and the consecrator of the Orthodox Chapel. He had planned to come again for the Whitsun pilgrimage, but was prevented by his failing health. Your prayers are asked for the repose of the soul of this brave Prelate.
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