Monday, October 09, 2006


In town last week, my mum and I were walking past one of the greeting card shops when she noticed a "bargain basket" outside.

I should mention, at this point, that my mum is one of the most prolific, patient, focused bargain-hunters God ever created. She can spot one a mile away.

She prodded me and said "Have a look!".

I did, and nearly fell flat on my back, for there were brand new, shrink-wrapped widescreen DVD movies of Star Trek - First Contact and Star Trek - Generations.

I have Generations on video, but not First Contact, though I saw it in the cinema.
The price of each of these treasures ? £1.00 each.

I was soooooo happy. We have watched them both, and thoroughly enjoyed them.

I will be going shopping with my mother more often :-)
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Mimi said...


I always say "Life forms, you tiny little life forms, you precious little life forms, where are you, do do do do to do".

Maybe you have to be there. It cracks me up every time.