Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Quiet Weekend ?

This was supposed to have been a quiet, relaxing weekend after the rigours of last weekend`s birthday extravaganza.
Fate obviously had other plans.

Yesterday afternooon, I suddenly felt as if there was a stray eyelash in my eye. I looked and DH looked, but there was no sign of a foreign body. Within minutes, my eyelids had started to swell, and within half an hour, all the conjuctiva of the eye had swollen dramatically and become inflamed. It looked as if I had been beaten with a baseball bat but witout bruising discolouration. Vision was blurred, so off we trotted to A& E.

The desk clerk looked at me and said "what can we do for you ?".
I refrained from stating the bleeding obvious, with an eyeball that was actually swollen as well as the one side of my face, and meekly said that I had something in my eye.

It was relatively quiet and I only had to wait about half an hour to be seen. I saw two doctors, who did a very thorough investigation, involving local anaesthetic and dye, as well as some high-tech gadgetry. Whatever it was had come out by itself, but had caused a massive allergic reaction, so I came home with a pirate eye-patch and five days worth of antibiotic cream for the afflicted orbit.

It is better today, but still hurts, and computer access will be very limited.
For those of a curious disposition, this is what my eye looked like yesterday :-)

Graphic link not for the faint-hearted !
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