Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It Feels Like Winter....

It really does feel like winter now that the clocks have "gone back", and consequently, it is getting dark very early.
We`ve had some stormy weather too, which adds to the desire to stay happily ensconced in the warm house.

Nevertheless, the dog still needs to be walked, and errands have to be run.

The tortoise has been brought safely into his winter home in the garage (thanks, DoomHamster - tortoise finder extraordinaire!) and we`re pretty much set now.

There is the minor detail of the fuel prices in the UK having doubled, so everyone I know is muttering that they are not putting their central heating on till at least half-way through November, to try to reduce the bills.

DH is even talking about examining the cost of a wood-burning stove to take advantage of the extant fireplace in our main living-room. We have access to loads of wood washed up on the beach :-0
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