Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Celebrating St David

Tomorrow we celebrate our great saint, David of Wales.

A service to Our Holy Father David, Bishop of Menevia and Enlightener of Wales , composed by Reader Isaac Lambertson and hosted at Orthodox England is well worth a perusal. It can be found under the right hand column entitled Liturgica.

Holy Father David, pray for us !

An excerpt:

O all-glorious wonder! From childhood thou didst adorn thy life with virtue, and having been made a priest of Christ wast truly shown to be a luminary for His flock. Wherefore, having vanquished the demons by thy tireless spiritual warfare, in soul thou hast ascended on high, where thou beholdest thy Lord and Master face to face in the splendour of His glory.

O all-glorious wonder that human flesh could be so mortified! For, following the ascetics of the desert thou didst lay waste thy body, resisting all the temptations of the flesh and putting away from thee all carnal thoughts, O David blessed of God; wherefore, arrayed in garments of purity as for a wedding feast, thou hast entered, rejoicing, into the joy of thy Lord.

O all-glorious wonder, the grace of God which doth sanctify and deify filled thy humble soul, O David, and thou didst preach with eloquence against the accursed Pelagius, refuting his vile heresy, watchfully fending off from the faithful from its pernicious harm, and leading them in gladness into the splendid courts of Christ, to the mansions of the righteous.
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Mimi said...

Holy St. David pray to God for us! Enjoy this special Feast Day!

Fr. David said...

Well, I just posted a few posts up...why is this as special feast for y'all?