Friday, February 10, 2006

Further Plethora

Many thanks to Dave for pointing out that surely the spiritualist church should have been mentioned under the Quasi-Christian category.

He is of course perfectly correct, and I can only plead incipient illness as the excuse for my brains being temporarily scrambled.........yes, gentle readers, I too have gone down with the wretched bug which affected the younger ones.

Thursday was spent ill in bed ( and the bathroom :-( )
Today I have spent in the vertical position but am still feeling less than well.

I am sure that is more information than you wished !

Within 7 miles of us is a mosque, A JW meeting place, a Christadelphian hall, and Elim Pentecostal church as well as many other Protestant smaller denomination chapels, a Salvation Army hall and the Mormon temple previously mentioned.

Ian has to have trumped us all with the Assyrians, though !!
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Mimi said...

Ian has, indeed.

Sorry you are under the weather. Prayers.

Anonymous said...

And they're the most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet: I've always felt like I was royalty whenever I visit -- they welcome you like the father welcomed the Prodigal Son. A blessing indeed.

Prayers for you to get through the bug with minimal pain and distruption,a nd that you get better soon. Take care of yourself.

Christina said...

I think that the only way to ever live close to an Orthodox church is to either move next door or move to a predominantyly Orthodox country. That was one of the things that greatly impressed DH when we went to Greece to visit my family... so many churches with so many services. And that's not only in Athens... in my families village (on an island) there are over three hundred churches/chapels (pretty much each family has at least one) and there are two priests for the island (about 1200 people which they obviously need more priests BUT the two main churches are a five minute walk from anywhere in the village AND because there are so many churches, feast days are actually celebrated in a church or chapel that is dedicated to that feast day! We were there for the Ascension and that actually happens to be one of my family churches. So we went to the Ascension church for the ascension. Kind of cool:) OH, and the biggest surprise, for me, was that there was an icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov in that little church. We loved it!