Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bugs and Things.

I cannot believe it is a week since I last posted.
I just don`t know where the time is vanishing to.................I am beginning to wonder if I am living in a black hole or something .

I`ve been up my mum`s a lot, and my husband has been decorating her living room for her. It looks really nice, and there is only the decorative coving to paint this week.
Mum is starting to go out and about more now, even feeling up to going out on her own, which is nice for her as she gets to meet people and doesn`t feel so alone.

Sunday saw the onset of DD4 manifesting the dreaded norovirus, AKA the winter vomiting bug. Very highly contagious, needless to say, and afflicting her school last week.
I will draw a discreet veil over the gory details, apart form to say I did seriously worry about whether my washing machine could survive an eight hour working day !

DD4 is now restored to health, and I was hoping to get a good night`s sleep last night.
Ha ha ha.

At 1.00am DD3 woke me up with the news she had been sick with no warning, all over her bed. She needed hosing down with the shower, and while I was trying to clear up the mess and strip her bed down to the mattress, DD4 woke up crying for me. Thank goodness DoomHamster was still awake, so she did sterling work cuddled up to DD4 and singing to her etc to keep her occupied till I had completely cleansed both DD3 and her bed, and re-made the bed.
I was glad to get them all back to sleep................

And then this morning, DD3`s bug decided to move lower down the digestive system, involving another load of washing for the machine. She is looking much better now, and frankly I would rather cope with the lower end of the digestive tract having problems than the upper............

At least it only lasts for 24 hours, that`s something to be thankful for.
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Mimi said...

I'm sorry about the bugs in the house, I'm glad your mom is doing well.