Monday, February 20, 2006

Putting My Foot In It.

On Monday I went to town and in the greetings-card shop, I bumped into a college friend of mine, who is quite a bit older than me. I asked how things were,and she said her husband had a triple coronary bypass operation in January, after having a heart attack.

I said that Gordon had one last year, and she asked brightly how he is - whereupon I had to say he had died.
Her face dropped.
Trying to be reassuring, I said that he had had diabetes as well, and that is always a major risk factor. This was a major faux pas, as she said slowly that her husband is now diabetic.

I could feel that I was digging a bigger and bigger pit for myself with each word.
I hastily said that Gordon had been 78 (a lot older than her husband) and had had three previous heart attacks and a mini-stroke, which her husband hadn`t had, so he was obviously in much better shape undergoing the operation and therefore more likely to make a full and quick recovery.

I felt awful for having obviously worried her, even though inadvertently.
I must learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes.
Actually, I need to keep my mouth shut most of the time, I think.
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