Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bringing up Baby

This is Basil, fast asleep.
Like a human baby, he spends quite a lot of time sleeping....except at night :-)

I can usually count on him sleeping for about an hour and a half in the day before he needs to go out to toilet, or be fed, or played with, or just want some fuss.
So if I can`t get it done in that time frame, it has to wait for him to sleep again before it gets finished, unless someone else takes on baby-sitting to free me up.

House-training is going pretty well, but you really have to watch him like a hawk for the signs (sniffing, concentrating, walking in cirles, standing near the door) in order to get him outside in good time, as he hasn`t learned to make noises to let us know he needs to go out..........

But he is lovely !
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Jacob Hicks said...

He looks larvely! My parents have a golden labrador (who's now about 18 months old). He's gorgeous, but a real nightmare when it comes to chewing. He will chew EVERYTHING - chairs, tables, clothes, doors, wallpaper, mop buckets (he thinks mops are his own personal toys!), everything. We forgive him, though, because he is beautiful.

Unknown said...

What a cutie.
My dog is 3 and a half years old, and I'm still amazed at the time she spends sleeping. In fact, she's asleep right now.

Unknown said...

Oh my GOSH! Look at the size of those paws! He's gonna be HUGE! Lord have mercy!

He is too cute thought isn't he? Oooooooohh!

Mimi said...

How cute!