Monday, February 20, 2006

Books, Books, Glorious Books !

I was very good on my shopping trip - I only visited seven separate bookshops !

I am now the proud possessor of a moderate level Latin text book, as I have decided to resurrect my school Latin at long last, as well as having two books for Lenten reading by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh. Even better, one of them was half-price. I have now used my remaining book vouchers from my birthday, so any more books I buy I will have to save up for .....

What was really interesting was seeing the sorts of books about Islam and Christianity in the various mainstream shops. They were all relentlessly, ingratiatingly simplistic , except in one extremely Protestant little book shop, (where I had gone looking at Bibles, before you raise your eyebrows, ) and where the mention of Islam was in strident tones relating to its threat to Christianity and Western culture, and how to convert the infidel heathen.

It was a bit of a contrast between the two approaches !

I also popped into a dvd and cd shop briefly, and it was playing a particularly vile record by an artist unknown to me and it is no word of exaggeration to say that the F word was said at least once in every sentence in that song.

Don`t get me wrong, I am ashamed to admit that I can certainly swear on occasions and have been known to use that word, although rarely, but I felt really uncomfortable listening to it being used relentlessly both as an adjective and as an adverb.

A middle aged couple were browsing in the shop and didn`t seem fazed by the language, and I felt too awkward to ask the shop assistant if he could skip that track. He looked to be about 17, so he possible wouldn`t have seen anything wrong with the language, seeing as many youngsters (including my very own talented and wonderful DoomHamster) listen to the undoubtedly talented but vile Eminem and his ilk.

I feel old, I tell you, old !
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