Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Plethora of Churches

Just out of curiosity, I added up how many places of worship there are in our town, that I can easily recall.
Bear in mind our little town has a population of 18,000.........

RC Church
RC convent chapel/prayer centre

3 Churches in our Church in Wales parish (Episcopalian/Anglican)
A combined Methodist/United Reformed church
An English speaking Baptist church and its subsidiary mission chapel (counts as two !)
Calvinistic Methodist church
2 different Welsh speaking Presbyterian chapels
A combined General Baptist and Unitarian chapel
Another Welsh-speaking chapel whose sign I cannot translate.
2 different English speaking Gospel Chapels
A miscellaneous Community Church whose worship is Baptist/Pentecostal with drums, according to their flyers posted around town.
The Spiritualist church.

I make that a total of 17 places of worship for Christians to choose from.

And for the Quasi-christians, there is a Mormon temple about 5 miles away too.

I am deliberately ommitting references to decidedly non-Christian sects.

You can see why people think I am a tad eccentric to travel 40 miles each way to go to Divine Liturgy........

There are two whole Orthodox households including my own, and we don`t get to have our own public church, though our combined worship figures are probably as numerous as some of the smaller chapels !

Personally, and rather selfishly, I admit, I would like to see **two** Orthodox churches in our town - one Eastern Rite and the other Western-Rite. What more could an Orthodox woman ask for ?

So what places of worship do you have in your towns, friends ?
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Mimi said...

That's an interesting list. I didn't realize that there were parishes that worshipped in Welsh. Very cool.

Jacob Hicks said...

We have the Anglicans (parish church and daughter church), a Methodist chapel, a Baptist chapel, an ex-Baptist community, an ex-ex-Baptist community, an RC church, an Anglican convent, and the chapel of one of the convent's houses.

The ex-Baptists (or was it the ex-ex-Baptists?) used to hire our daughter church. Their being known as 'The Christian Church' meant that the Anglicans left at 10.30, and the Christians arrived at 11.

Dave Holford said...

I'm surprised you included the Spiritualists amongst the Christians and not even the quasi-Christians.

I have no idea how many places of we have here. There are a Cathedral and four of the 15 or so Anglican parishes almost within sight of each other. On the short street that runs from the Cathedral to one of the Anglican churches there is one of the three local RC churches. There are a least three non-denom charismatic churches, one Elim church, more than one Baptist church, at least two Methodists, two United Reformed, Brethren, and I don't know what else.

This is in addition to the Spiritualists, Christadelphians, Mormons, and JWs.

But then we are a bit bigger than 18,000.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely fascinating list.

Not sure of my area's population [Fairfield City's total is just under 200,000 I think], but near to me I have:

- three Anglican parishes
- four Roman Catholic parishes
- one Chaldean Catholic parish
- one Assyrian Church of the East Cathedral and one Assyrian Church of the East parish
- one Presbyterian parish
- two Baptist churches
- two Independent Baptist churches
- one Uniting parishes

In addition, we have two (maybe three?) Buddhist temples and a mosque. And an LDS church.

In other places in Fairfield, further away from me, the list increases with more Anglican, Catholic and Uniting parishes, as well as a Russian, an Antiochian, a Serbian and a Macedonian Orthodox church. Other independent churches as well.

Unknown said...

First of all, don't you love the word "plethora?" It should be the name of a flower or something.

Secondly, we have so many churches I couldn't even begin to count all of them.

At least 8-10 Orthodox churches.
2 American Baptist
Several Baptist Baptist
A couple Black Baptist
Two or three RCC
Evangelical Lutherans
1 or 2 Missouri-Synod Lutheran
United Church of Christ
Evangelical Free
Bible Fellowship

And that's just the tip.

Anonymous said...

Philippa: what's the difference between American Baptist and Baptist Baptist?

see-through faith said...

interesting. Our city is 160 000
most are Lutherans here

there's also
*Orthodox (Russian)
*Methodist (Swedish and Finnish)
*Free church (Swedish and Finnish)
*Pentecostal and Kotikirkko (a church plant)
*Salvation Army
*Anglican (meets once a month) other Sundays it's a lutheran service
*city church
*word of life

and a whole lot more that I've never heard of I think :)

there's also
Seventh Day Adventists
JWs (three halls)

and other faiths include
a small Jewish congregation - synagogue
and a growing number of muslims with no mosque as yet
and a few buddists (no temple)

In Finland about 90% of the population officially belong to the Lutheran church

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I missed one out !
There is an Anglican mission chapel on the enormous caravan site in our town, which only has services on Sundays in july and august, but it is still a place of worship in my book :-)
I only recalled when we went out for along walk this morning and happened to walk past it:-)