Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Weather Notes

We have had some seriously odd weather today.

The forecast was for bitterly cold weather, so I wrapped up extremely warmly to walk the girls to school, and sweltered all the way as it wasn`t very cold at all.

This afternoon, it started to snow. I had to go out a little earlier in order to post a birthday card, and the snow was rather fun at first.
After all, I like snow.

Then the wind whipped up hard, the snow turned to hail and sleet in turns. Coupled with a high wind, it was like walking in a storm of ice needles, and this alternated with periods of sunshine - go figure - for about an hour. Once we got home, it started to snow really heavily, covering the garden in a blanket of dazzling whiteness, snowflakes whirling in a dizzy dervish of a blizzard.

Our hopes were raised that a real blizzard might happen, but within ten minutes, it had stopped and the skies were Mediterranean blue again by the time we sat down to eat our Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. The temperature is dropping rapidly , though, so who knows what the night might bring ?
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