Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sober Thoughts

I would stongly urge you to visit Rumblings from a Desert Cave and read Fr John McCuen`s moving , thoughtful and really quite scary sermon about the Russian New Martyrs here.

Watching the increasing separation of Church and morality from the state here in the UK, I am convinced that Fr John is correct, and active persecution of Christians will come one day.
At present we have persecution by stealth.

As Dave Holford has previously commented, when a Christian man refuses to allow homosexual couples to rent a bedroom at his guesthouse, on the grounds that he does not wish to be complicit in allowing homosexual acts taking place in his home, he is persecuted and warned he is being discriminatory and acting unlawfully.
These acts may be legal, but for many Christians they remain specifically forbidden to us, as indeed are many other things which are currently tolerated in and by society.

How long indeed before being a Christian is made illegal ?
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Unknown said...

Twice worse when the persecution is by stealth in your own home.

Lord have mercy!

Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy indeed. Sobering thoughts.