Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Winter Bug

This morning, out of the 26 children in DD4`s class, there were only 11 children as well as her. Virtually everyone in her class has either already had it, or is currently home ill with it.

The norovirus bug really is ferociously infective. The school`s phone is ringing incessantly, heralding the news that yet another child is at home ill with it.

According to the Daily Telegraph, it appears that one 15 year old girl has died, it seems she may possibly be this winter`s first norovirus fatality.
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Unknown said...

It has been here across the pond as well Elizabeth. Many are sick and the illness just hangs around for weeks and weeks. We need a good cold snap to shut it all down.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your kinds words you gave when I was ill with bronchitis. So far I have been spared the norovirus this year. I had that virus several years ago and had it for almost three days before it left! My mum had that virus for two days last month! I will keep you and your family at prayer.