Monday, September 24, 2007

Speech Therapy

Some of you will know, from previous blog posts and private emails, that DD4 has had quite major speech and language problems for much of her short life so far.
This last academic year, she has had some speech therapy sessions and intensive work with two of the staff at her school, as well as fairly intensive work recommended by the speech therapists , done at home by me.

Last year, she scored on the 5th percentile for sentence structure. I found that utterly heartbreaking at the time.

This year, on her re-evaluation using the same test, she scored 63rd percentile, which is a phenomenal improvement. As her Speech therapist said, she no longer has a problem and many of her normally speech developed classmates would be coming up with scores much lower than that if they were tested.

We are doing the Happy Dance here.
Abby has tried so very hard and been so very patient with all the extra work she has had to do, some of it repetitive and tedious, and now she is able to chatter non-stop.

Two years ago, we feared she would never be able to do this.

My heart is overflowing with thankfulness.
Glory to God for His blessings !
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Mimi said...

Thanks be to God indeed!

Anonymous said...

Amen. Praise and thanks be to God.

Athanasia said...

Oh Elizabeth...this is such wonderful news. I am overjoyed for her and for you as her Mom.

Thanks be to Him who provides for all our needs.

Dave said...

That's excellent news.

Renee said...

Praise God!