Monday, September 10, 2007

DH has gone back to work today; his eye is miraculously almost fully healed after surgery on Thursday evening.
The young ones are back in school, and are thoroughly enjoying their new teachers.

The big ones - well !

DoomHamster is in the process of renting a flat very close to where she works, which will save her time and expense in travelling each day.
I have been lucky that she has been at home for so long, but I will miss her terribly when she moves to her new home.

Last night she and I were discussing things, and she looked at me and said "Just think, Mum, there will be another Orthodox home being set up !" - which is completely true. She will be given her icon of St Tatiana of Rome from the icon corner here to take with her, and she has a lot of her own icons too.

DD2 has taken the plunge and accepted the offer of a well-paid permanent contract with the legal firm where she did her summer job instead of returning to finish her second year of college course (equivalent of A level).
To be honest, she is lucky to get a full time job at all, let alone a well-paid one in our area. Decent jobs are rarer than hens` teeth here, I 'm sad to say.

The house is peaceful, tranquil and tidy - well, till the young ones get home from school !

Have a blessed day, y'all !
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Mimi said...

Whoooo, thanks be to God!

And, so sweet about your daughter! Establishing her own Orthodox home, what a beautiful way to look at it!

Athanasia said...

They grow up so quickly Elizabeth. Too quickly. Sigh.

It is a joy to know that as a parent you have raised a responsibility child.

A blessing.