Thursday, September 06, 2007

Drilling for Oil

At least, that is what it felt like at the dentist`s today.

I had an awkward(in his words!) filling to be done, so with the usual huge quantities of novocaine, as my teeth are notoriously difficult to render inert, and my right face from eyebrow down to collarbone numb, he and I were both hopeful of a relatively pain-free experience.

Without boring you with all the distastefully graphic details, it didn`t work, the pain was excruciating and if it wasn`t for the fact he literally had me corralled in a headlock in order to complete the work, I would have made a dash for the exit door, complete with a mouthful of surgical instrumentation attached to every surface.
Except also for the fact he would probably have billed me for the equipment :-)

Thinking about my stress levels, he was probably quite lucky to escape without bodily injury. I of course did none of the aforementioned things, but lay there, fists clenched and with tears running down my cheeks. Especially when he said brightly, "I know it hurts, but it will only take another minute".

It made labour with an OP positioned baby feel like a walk in the park.

And to think I pay for this pain.

I must be mad.......

It was not pleasant. But he is still a darn good dentist !
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Meg said...


This experience would make me determined never to see another dentist again!!