Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Custody Of The Eyes

...and of the mind and the heart.


I have been thoroughly enjoying reading fanfiction based in JK Rowling's Harry Potter universe.
For the most part, rollicking good fun.

However, I learnt the hard way - Caveat Emptor.

There is much that is loving, good and true in HP fanfic, but equally, there is much which is not. Sometimes it is only when you get a substantial way through the story that you find elements that you really wish were not there.

Don't get me wrong; there are ratings for stories, so you can choose which levels of gratuitous sex and violence you are prepared to read, but even whilst actively avoiding unsavoury stories , you can end up inadvertently reading things you would not buy from a bookstore.
And of course, the temptation is to continue reading, as you have already invested time in reading the preceding XYZ number of chapters.

The universe JKR created contains some horror and violence, but is generally wholesome. Why wannabe authors have to pervert her universe leaves me shaking my head in mystification. I have read some stories which have not been in anyway profitable to my spiritual life.
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