Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Orthodox Roundup

Slightly late, for which I apologise :-)

Joshua's parish is featured on Ancient Faith radio !

How clean and well-kept is your spiritual garment ? Go here to find out.

The Cold War seems to have been re-ignited; with a New Jersey parish disagreeing with the decision to reunite with the Moscow patriarchate. Christopher also blogs about how exotic animals are to be found at Orthodox monasteries and about how one should profitably read or listen to the Holy scriptures.

James at Paradosis gives much food for thought, as ever ! Would you have described St John Chrysostom as deserving an R rating ? Only a small town newspaper would write about a weeping icon in such a nice way :-)
James' article on what the post-modern Jesus would do is absolutely brilliant !

Fr Stephen's blog is one of my major sources of quality meditative articles. He has four articles about icons, which I commend:
and here.

His article about communion with Christ and the marriage union is superb.

MaryLeah provides a glorious painting of an Orthodox baptism to illustrate her post , and also tells us about Nestorian Christianity in Ancient China !

Katherine greets us at the start of the New Year with a great resource for teaching our kids about the 12 Great Feasts. Thank you so much for this !

Papa Herman travelled to Platina for the 25th anniversary of the repose of blessed Fr Seraphim Rose and gives us details of podcasts .

Pactum Serva talks about the problems of Sola Fidei as practised by many Protestant groups, and how church growth can be interpreted by statistics.

Jordanville has been blessed by a visit from the Reigning Icon of the Theotokos. Video here.

Till next time !
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