Saturday, December 28, 2013

How To Like Paul Again

How to like Paul again

The apostle you never knew

By Conrad Gempf

Published in the UK by Authentic Media, May 2013

St Paul was responsible for writing some of the most memorable passages in the New Testament, and almost every church wedding will contain his words about love.

Most of us  have at least a passing knowledge of him, yet how many of us actually know much about him, his background and the congregations to whom he wrote his letters? Why did he become so influential in the Early Church? And why has he become regarded as a misogynistic, uncharitable, nay-saying killjoy by so many modern people? What did he really say, and why?

Dr Conrad Gempf is a Lecturer in the New Testament at the London School of Theology and is on a quest to make Paul understandable and accessible to our generation, especially people who may not be "church-goers" and may find, when they dip into the Bible, that Paul's writings are nigh on incomprehensible to them.

Why does Paul write in the style he does? Who was he writing to and why?  What authority did he have over these congregations of new Christians ? Does what he wrote and taught have any real relevance for us today, with our very differing viewpoints and understandings of gender issues and status?

This is an immensely readable book covering the letters of St Paul to the Galatians, Philemon and I Corinthians, with many touches of humour and dry wit. I look forward to reading more from Dr Gempf in the future, and thank him for making St Paul more accessible to me through this enlightening book.

Here is a video trailer from the early part of the book:

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