Friday, January 10, 2014

Promise To Return

Promise to Return

By Elizabeth Byler Younts

Published by Howard Books, October 2013

I especially love reading books by authors with an Amish background and this book by Elizabeth Byler Younts - who was herself raised Amish until her parents left the Church, but maintains very close links and contacts with her large  extended Amish family - is a *great* story.

One of the keynotes of Amish faith is the firm belief in pacifism and has been since its earliest days, so a story following the fortunes of a young betrothed couple, Miriam Coblentz and Henry Mast, when Henry is drafted into the US Army in 1943 has plenty of potential for anxiety, conflict and soul-searching...

A Forces wife herself, Mrs Younts paints an utterly believable scenario of a young couple keen to live in peace and in accordance with the Faith and Ordnung of their Amish community but also wanting to follow their consciences and what they believe is God's Will  for their lives.

A cracking good read.

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