Monday, December 09, 2013

An Amish Family Christmas

An Amish Family Christmas

By Murray Pura

Published  by Harvest House, October 2013

Naomi Bachman has lost her parents and her sister in a tragic accident, and her brother Luke is now in a catatonic state with the doctors unsure of if and when he might recover.  There seems to be precious little to look forward to at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Caring for Luke when he comes home is going to be a full-time task for Naomi and her sister in law, Rebecca, but their lives are turned upside down once more when Micah (Naomi's estranged husband and Rebecca's brother) returns home from serving in the armed forces.  He has been given three days to consider his future - whether he will return to active service as a non-combatant medic or whether he will return to their Amish community and re-take his place there as an Amish pacifist and Naomi's husband - or face being placed under the Meidung once more, and be shunned by his wife, family and friends.

Micah and Naomi attempt to rebuild their marriage in the short time left to them, but they have sadness, anger and resentment to deal with as well as how much both they and their lives have changed.  Can they rebuild their lives and their marriage? Can Micah turn his back on what he believes to be a definite calling from God to serve as a medic to the troops?

It seems as if they need a miracle to sort out the whole complex tangle of issues with which they are faced in this remarkable book, which I enjoyed immensely on both my first and second reading.

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